What Others Say?

You, GOD, Hormones, and Health: An Informative and Inspirational Guide to Wellness

Do you get up in the morning and hit the floor eager to tackle your day, or do you get up and just hit the floor? Today’s women live with a lot of physical and emotional stress. Imagine how well you can serve God and others when you learn how to live healthy, prevent disease, and have energy that soars. This book is filled with much needed information and practical advice that will help you…
  • See your body as a temple
  • Better understand your hormones, other body systems, and how they interrelate
  • Learn how you are robbed of vital cellular energy from electromagnetic fields and how pulsating magnetic resonance therapy can help
  • Take charge of your health
  • Make wise decisions with your money when it comes to your health and purchasing supplements
  • Learn about our toxic environment and what to do to combat this problem
All while inspiring you to use your life experiences for spiritual growth, service and encouragement to others, and develop a hope within for eternity.